Saturday, February 27, 2010

February Meeting - I got flowers!

When you do a voluntary job for a long time, it's nice to get a thank you. Not that looking after SERS is a very difficult task, but I do have to arrange one day a month around being there first, and leaving last. And I bake too.

Some time, when I wasn't watching, Cathy organised a thank you for me, and it arrived today. A bouquet of flowers! And since we are a papercraft based club, they were paper flowers! And since we all do different stuff, they were all different! JUST SO AWESOME!

Here's the flower Cathy made - using a liquid "stained glass" stuff - the kind of thing kids make window decorations out of. Dip the wire frame in, the go away and don't touch it while it sets.

Then there's the one Louise made - fantasy film, wire, and ironing. She added a butterfly!

There's the one Maria made - out of map pages and supermarket catalogues! Love it.

Margaret made these Origami hydrangeas - very effective in a bunch like this.

And Chris used decorative paper to make this - the basic shape she cut was (wait for it, it's good) just ordinary circles! With snips, and lots of curling. Whoa!

There are more to show, but my camera conked out! Might take a few more photos in the light tomorrow.

Apart from that, we had a lovely meeting. Made stuff. Mucked around. Made a mess. Nan made it, and was in way better form, so that's great to hear!