Saturday, April 24, 2010

April Meeting - a full house!

We had a super April meeting - it was a lovely sunny day (... when we arrived, and cold and drizzly when we left, so it was definitely Melbourne). There were 16 people at the busiest - that's a full room!

Chris' friend Ingrid came for the first time, with real watercolours. Lizzie borrowed some pretty stamps from Jenny. Helen and I collaborated on our bird punches, with the result being several new goodies we weren't expecting to make. Margaret was selling off some surplus stamping stuff, and very pleased that her backlog was mostly gone. Maria was doing something amazing with an old board book (but I didn't get back for a good goggle), and Cathy had been playing with ice resin. Nan's on her feet again.

And I forgot my camera, so here's a shot from the little phone camera, just to prove what fun we were having.

There were little banana muffins. Mini muffins seem to help you stamp.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our March 2010 meeting - with real calligraphy!

Oops, left this one a bit late. I got home from Stamp Club, and dear Jeff was upgrading my computer, so I didn't manage the "update the blog immediately" like I usually do.

Cathy had just had a visit from Annette Husband of the Northern Territory, who has been making awesome things lately. She showed Cathy a pretty necklace and earrings. And gave them to her! So we got to see them first hand. Oh wow!

Anne thought we should make a card for a friend who was needing a cheerup, so she organised Jenny to make a card, and Cathy to write a beautiful message inside. Round of applause for Anne, for not just saying "somebody ought to...".

Young James got dragged along with mum Lizzie, but kept himself busy with excellent drawing, while Lizzie and Debra had fun makin' stuff.

The snacks of the day were home made olive and feta bread, and Roast Almond Picnic bars (the small ones), so we certainly ate well. And here's the bread recipe. Well, not that one, but kind of. Jim Lahey, the baker responsible for the recipe, used to be a sculptor, so he's welcome at our club in spirit!

See you again in April. It'll be a long weekend (Sunday is ANZAC Day, and Monday is the holiday). Yes, we will still be meeting as usual!