Saturday, July 31, 2010

July Meeting - new friends!

A very full and busy day at SERS today - it was fun!

Jan popped in for a look, and CB came and stayed all afternoon. She brought mini Oreos (wow!).

Maria made mosaics with this funky patterned paper. A strange coincidence, I had brought the very same stuff (which I'd prepared in the morning - here's my proof). See what it is now? Cool, huh?

Cathy was printing up a bag with her fabulous stamps and paints. Here's a link to some of her other fabric work. It's awesome!

Michelle made it (she often doesn't) and brought the news that she's back in the engineering business (and hubby is being the house dad). So that's fabulous! She has set up a Mixed Media web site (here's a link) for all lovers of getting painty to play on. It has ads and stuff, because she's an enterprising chookie hoping to make it part of the family's income stream. But you can take it from me that it comes from a lady who just wants to share the love of making things! She also has this personal blog.

Here's on of her journal pages - it's a response to a challenge by Green Pepper Press - those a fun to do! Watch out, the GPP blog has music, so don't be reading it at the office!

Louise made these pretty flowers, part of a small card she was making. She "ruined" it during the afternoon, and then carefully redeemed it.

I made this card with my new Roses stamps set - oh my, what fun!

That's a very worn out French-English dictionary page as the background. It probably needs some lace or something.

The highlight of the day for me, though, was giving Nan the new set of stamps she'd bought through me, and showing her some samples I'd downloaded from the internet onto my iPad. She browsed and browsed, then asked for another turn, and browsed some more. It was the perfect tool for the job. I think Apple needs to know what a cool craft tool the iPad is!

There were blueberry muffins. And tons of other people came too - I think we had about 15 in the room!

See you same time next month, ladies!