Friday, September 3, 2010

August 2010 meeting

Argh, forgot to take photos at stamp club again - no matter. I'm a very creative person, and I expect I shall be able to create a blog post illustrated entirely by items from around the house. You won't even notice.

Here's the blueberry (and banana and walnut) muffins we enjoyed.

There was lots of "popping candy" chocolate around - it's fun giving popping candy to people who haven't tried it!

The new Stampin' Up catalogue was there for the first time. Some people were like "wow", while others were like "meh". Very eclectic club we have.

There is an awesome owl punch in it. That's it for my shameless plugs.

Some people were using this cool owl stamp - it's from "Victoria's Secret", which of course is the range of stamps by Vicki of Paper Squared in Mornington. I'm not sure who brought it, but I'm prepared to point at either Margaret or Jenny.

That is a cool stamp. It just is.

This is an ATC I made and brought along. I used walnut ink on it. We discussed walnut ink. Apparently it's made from (wait for it) walnuts!

I showed Maria my Envelope stuff (you can read about it on my own blog). We looked at her collection of business envelopes from around the world (seriously, you think I'm weird...), and brainstormed a bit. HOW GOOD would it look if you photocopied and enlarged these patterns, then painted them?

And if you think, not very good, well that's fine too. As I say, it's a very eclectic club.

CB asked me about the Polished Stone technique, and also about resist techniques. We did some resist right there, with a pretty fern stamp she had. After all, I couldn't r...* I couldn't say no to a polite request.

I promised to be ready to show off Polished Stone next month. And I have had a practice, just look. For extra points, I did Polished Stone and resist together. Thank you.

And this is the sum total of what I actually made at stamp club myself. A start for a nice little ATC. What does it need? An owl stamp, probably.

* see, I avoided a pun. Thank you.