Saturday, October 29, 2011

October Meeting

We just had our October meeting - fun as usual, of course. As usual, nothing special organised. Well, I did make snacks (nobody was very hungry - either it's the weather, or my special herby cream cheese sandwich filling isn't everyones favourite - well, it looked nice).

Pat had partly finished this pretty card using her old paper tole pictures - very pretty! She was adding various pretty embellishments.

Maria had decorated stickers (yes, blank stickers, the kind you print addresses on) with various paint finishes, and was using them for mosaics.

 Anne was experimenting with various ways of combining inking and embossing, and making pretty Christmas treat boxes.

Cathy was cutting up a - what, a Coke can? Why?

Ah, it's the body for an angel! Nice!

And I was decorating a plain torso that Cathy made - so far she's got underwear and some fancy additions... If you want a plaster torso to decorate. go to My Stamps - this is an original design, very smart, and highly suitable for you to add to. So there's a plug for a local creative business.

And here's those snacks I was telling you about - puzzle sandwiches, made with The Lunch Punch, a cool sandwich cutter, invented by a Melbourne mum, and sold all over the world (there's an unsolicited plug for a nice creative product).

Oh, and here's some of us.

And finally ....

the Terror of Stamp Club ....

that makes grown women shriek ...

There was a medium sized spider in the hallway. Certain stampers wouldn't use that hallway (good thing there's two ways out of the room!).