Saturday, October 5, 2013

September meeting - to a Bollywood Beat!

The September meeting once again clashed with Grand Final day - maybe that's why there were just four of us! But Maria, Jenny, Chris and I had a lovely day, and all of these chocolate macarons. Yum!

A little way into our day, some Indian families started wandering into the community house, and you could tell something was wrong. Turns out, they'd been given the new kitchen for their booking (which is a terrific teaching kitchen, and has tables too, but it was too small for them!) Meanwhile, we were luxuriating in the big double room. As soon as we realised the problem, we agreed to swap.

So we had the pleasure of working in the new kitchen! Quite nice. Best of all, Indian music came wafting in from the other gathering, who were playing and singing with great joy.

Didn't take many photos. But I coloured in. How cute are these?

Oh, and I had a box of stamps for sale at bargain prices. Might do that next month too. Check out the Great Southern Stamp Sale blog to see what's happening with Ellen Eadie's last lot of stamps.