Friday, November 29, 2013

November meeting coming up!

Hey, SERS folks, the November meeting is coming up.

Bunky the Art Sparrow says, come to SERS, stamping is even more fun with a bunch of people around you.

Oh, yes, this is a birthday card I made for my friend John - Happy Birthday John!

So, that's 1pm, November 30 for a regular meeting at Mount St, and also, December 14 at 1pm for a Christmas Party at Cathy's.

Friday, November 8, 2013

SERS Christmas Party will be December 14 at Cathy's!

YAY! The Christmas party is organised again, and once again, Cathy has agreed to host. It's always a pleasure visiting her place.

So here's the details :

Date : 14 December
Time : 1pm to 5pm
Place : Cathy's house (contact me privately if you don't know the address)
Bring : some crafty stuff to do, a plate of food to share
Also bring : A Christmas decoration you've made. We will be swapping them. When I say "made", it can be stamped, constructed, beaded, whittled ... anything really. 

Here is the ornament I took home last time - Cathy made it with Polymer clay and stamps. Gorgeous, hey?

Oh, and other entertainment ... We were talking at SERS about cable TV craft shows. Some are fabulous, some are worthy, and apparently some are a bit of a giggle. Cathy's promised to record some of the giggle worthy ones for us to snicker at!

And if we end up with too much food (which we always do...) we  all get to fill our plates with other people's goodies, and take some feast home! I rather like that bit.

October meeting - We did Gelli printing!

There was a special treat at SERS last meeting - Michelle brought along a "Gelli Plate", which is a lovely squashy plate for making monoprints. I've given you the link to the manufacturer there, and locally, I think Unique Stitching was a place you can get the goodies from. But this is not a sales pitch, it's a report about what fun we had!

Michelle made a bunch of prints as we watched and asked questions.

Here's a print - she's mooshed paint onto the plate, then laid pretty sequin waste over it (to act as a stencil), then paper on top of that. She ran over the paper with her fingers (no need for a brayer or other tools) and showed off the first print!

Then she pulled the sequin waste off the plate, and there was a second print to be had. Here they both are - on the left, printed with the stencil in place, and on the right, after removing the stencil.

A change of colour scheme, and some stamping over the top - this one is cool!

Two goes through the printing process here, once with a mesh fruit bag as the stencil, and once with a very pretty flower stencil.

And guess who made this birdy one!

Did you guess ME? Cos I did!

This is a huge CORK stamp, which we found pretty interesting for this function (although, just quietly, there are reasons rubber and polymer are used for stamps...).

Thanks Michelle for a fabulous demo!

Go and have a look at Michelle's Mixed Media Art web site - heaps of stuff to look at! Michelle's off to CHA, the biggest craft show ever (it's for professionals), so we expect her back brim full of news!