Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February meeting - new goodies, new ideas!

Well, we were pretty lucky to have our own Michelle come to SERS. She'd been at CHA, the huge trade-only craft show in Anaheim. And she brought back catalogues, new gadgets, freebies, and of ourse, just stuff she'd bought for herself. That was just about all I needed to look at all day. Oh, the books!
So, what's hot? Carving stamps is hot, stencils are hot, zentangles are hot, and test sizzix catalogue had some incredible stuff! Also, everything old is new again. Mod podge is in, puffy paint is in, and why have one die cut machine if you can have three?
And we had lots of nice people making goodies too. 
And I made some pretty mess...

Thursday, February 20, 2014

SERS this weekend!

Have you seen? The latest cool thing is - DUCT TAPE! Yes, we've all been using it to mend stuff for years, and it's super handy for book covers. But now, fancy patterns! These were spotted in Ringwood Costco.

Oh, and SERS is on this Saturday 22 February. Hooray, a nice time for a laugh and to make some stuff!