Saturday, October 31, 2009

Looking forward to our Christmas party

The mostly annual SERS Christmas party is on again (yes, we have a November meeting before that). It's at Cathy's place - contact me privately if you need to know where that is - on December 12 at 1pm. Bring a plate. That's a plate with food. To share. We always make stuff, but spend more than usual time on eating and making merry.

A Hallowe'en meeting!

We had a super meeting on a hot, sticky Melbourne day. With the fan on, the community house rooms were quite pleasant and cool, so we stamped on in spite of the heat (I know, it's gonna get way hotter, but we're just getting used to it for the season).

Chris and Sharon worked out their work Christmas card - their annual commission. Any method goes, as long as it's quick and looks great. They had success!

Ann was working on her Christmas cards, using mocked up bits done by colour photocopying. That's clever! I gave her a Kimmie (that's the latest craze in swapping, didn't you know?).

Maria had bought a lip gloss just for the packaging, and she and Margaret were reverse engineering it. Nice!

Other Maria made a cool pram card - she wasn't happy with it yet, but we were most impressed.

Pat was Iris folding - I'd never seen it done before - interesting! Cathy was squeaking. Lizzie was borrowing stuff. Nan likes oval punches now. Other Margaret was making embossed Christmas cards. And I was using pastel colors exclusively, making a project that's aimed at a magazine - so we'll see if I have success.

And we were sponsored by (or rather, I'd recently scored a free sample from, and was asked to provide feedback about) Pitos, a yummy savoury crunchy snack, just right for stamping with. You can see the packet behind Lizzie. The girls emptied the plate of Pitos, in spite of the fact that a place of other tasty crackers was right next to it. So they were popular! The club is available for sponsorship of this kind any time.