Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April Meeting coming up, and I won't be there...

Yes, folks, I'm going to be on holiday this meeting day (that's April 26). So I've left Cathy and Maria to take care of things.

Wanna see something cool? I have a 3-Doodler! Here's a link to explain what that is.

And as I was saying at SERS a few meetings ago, I got it in the mail, and I got ONE play with it, then it disappeared. My son was having a turn with it too, and I could have sworn I'd asked him to put it away. So when the next SERS came around, I looked everywhere for it! And I'm sorry to say, I may have suggested that he made off with it, or broke it, or lost it, or some other bad thing.

While packing for our holiday, I found it, neatly in amongst the sheets and towels in MY room. Which is where I would put something I thought was not for kids to use unsupervised - so it was clearly ME that put it away.

I've apologised to Thomas for slighting him. Everyone has had some turns now. And I'll be able to bring the doodler to the MAY SERS meeting.

Here's what I made today. A lady with a blue dress.

And I made a hat for this little Lego guy!