Sunday, September 25, 2011

September Meeting - we find stuff

Stamp club was yesterday - we had a super day, in the cosy room again. Oh, and I really need to learn to read the bookings sign each day when we come in. The room was booked right after us by another local group, but we are used to packing up whenever we feel like it. This time we had to hop to it and make the room nice for them. Thanks, ladies, for responding so quickly. Isn't it great to be in a club where three hours zoom by so fast!

One of the themes of the day was "cool stuff we've found".
Chris found this FAB pencil box at an op shop - it houses her collection of pencils, which she buys a few at a time.

Here's what Chris was colouring with her pencils
Cathy found some of these nifty, tiny storage boxes at a cheap shop locally.  She bought up the whole stock!
Margaret's completely gorgeous card
Margarget presented her hubby with this amazing 80th birthday card - so many popups!
And I added to my swan-headed doll!

Monday, September 5, 2011

August Meeting - Doll action all over the place

We had a meeting in August - it was a shocker of a day for me. My husband fell ill (by afternoon he was just sleeping, and so I left him in the charge of the one teenager who was still at home). Forgot to being the coffee and tea, and had to come home again for it. Had to offer stuff I'd scavenged from around the house for snacks (so instead of fresh baked goodies, we had to struggle through ... home made chocolate truffles!)
But in spite of it all, a lovely day was had. I of course forgot my
camera, so here's some photos I didn't take on the day.

My doll is
now painted (relax, its not finished yet).

And Cathy's doll is - my goodness, is that a doll? Nah. Can't be.

And here's a card I made with a pretty bird stamp set.

Next meeting, probably disaster free, will be September 24. See ya there!