Monday, August 26, 2013

SERS August - the die is cast!

Hmm, long time between blog posts. SERS has been rocking along as usual, of course. Here's some stuff from the August meeting.

Cathy was having fun making a new mould! She recommends Pinkysil - that's a two part silicone you can make excellent moulds with. You can get it at Barnes, near Richmond railway station.

These big bottle will make you tons of little moulds.

Here's the setup ready for making a mould. The original shape we want to replicate is at the bottom (that's a little carved bird). It sits on a shiny tile. A ring of firm but bendy acetate makes a cuff around it, sealed down with modelling clay.

Then we measure out the right amounts of each solution - not very much! The 500ml bottles last a long time.

Fill the mould until the pretty shape is properly covered. If you only just cover it, the mould will be too flimsy.

I'm guessing this is where you make a fuss over getting bubbles out.

And here's a brand new bird mould. Ready to press polymer clay, or paper clay, or any other mouldable stuff into, and make as many little birds as you like!

Nice tutorial Cathy, thanks for showing us!

And what was I doing at stamp club? Photographing this pretty poppy, mostly
Oh, and this - I scored an old PSX stamp second hand, and added it to my collection. Coloured in with bright Copics, it really pops, doesn't it?