Sunday, November 29, 2009

Next Year at SERS

For the coming year, I thought about what I'd like to change about SERS. Here's the list of things I want to change :


Nope, the time is fine, the place is lovely, the cost suits everyone, and the level of structure is delightfully loose.

So I've paid the rent and rebooked us for the coming year. All the new dates are listed here.

Here's to another great year of making stuff and having fun.

November 2009 Meeting - the non-food events

Terrific, enjoyable SERS this month.

Cathy's creative juices have been flowing, and she's been etching metal - oh wow! She showed off some of her etched items - they are wonderful to see in real life. We urged her to set up a workshop. Now that would be fun!

This was one she thought was a bit of a dud. Nice though. Her African stamps look so good etched.

How's this one? A crackle stamp, etched. Looks amazing! This is the crackle from My Stamps.

And how about this one? This stamp came from Thread Studio over in WA (I've been there, it's amazing!).

So seeing some metal etchings was a highlight.

Now look back at the photo of Cathy. She sure is making a spectacle of herself! Look closer, and you'll see what I mean!

Anne tucked into a slice of cake... and also made lovely Christmas cards.

Jenny and Helen working with the little stamp pads - what a good way to get a big range of colours!

Chris and Sharon worked on perfecting the art of fusing a stamped tissue paper image onto a candle. Very successful!

And Margaret, Pat, Margaret and Nan made gorgeous things as usual!

I was playing with punches (again), but this time with bright colours. They really cheer you up!

November 2009 Meeting - my birthday!

Well, it's a sneaky way to get a birthday party, but I brought along a cake, stuck a candle in it, and announced that nobody was getting any until I'd blown out the candle. So of course, all the lovely SERS ladies sang me a beautiful song (no, not the one comparing me to a monkey, either).

Here's a picture of the cake; and the cake cut; and my slice. It was an amazing Tunnel of Fudge cake (moist and fudgy in the middle). Just amazing. I can't take any credit for it - I made it, but to an exacting recipe from a wonderful scientific cookbook Jeff and I just bought. This is the book - you may be able to get it locally - we found it at Angus & Roberston. Great Chrissie present. And this is the recipe.

So, I think that's enough about the cake. Next post will be about stamping.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Looking forward to my Birthday Meeting

Stamp club is on again this weekend - we are meeting on 28 November. That's (around) my birthday, so being the person-who-makes-the-bookings, I'll declare this to be my Birthday Meeting. If Lizzie comes, it's hers too, because her birthday is exactly as far from the meeting as mine is.

What shall we do? I want to paint and punch stuff. I have a punch project in mind. Wait a minute, I might need bright coloured card for that. Better check my supplies. 'Cos I did all pastel last month. Gotta be varied, hey?

Here's a picture I took at Paperific this month. Pretty...

So come along to SERS if you can!