Friday, September 13, 2013

Lots and lots of stamps for sale

Remember last year we had a sale of excellent second hand stamps? Well, there are just HEAPS left, and I'm in charge of moving them on. I'm using eBay for that, so it's accessible to everyone.

Have a look at the Great Southern Stamp Sale, a special blog I've made just for the purpose, which will show what themes I am up to.

And have a look at this link, which will take you straight to my listings on eBay. If there's nothing there, that just means I'm getting some more ready. You can always ask when the next batch is coming.

And this exquisite stamp is one I've just listed (September 13). I'll bet you'd like it.

Now, back to club business. Next meeting is 28 September. Oh, look, it's Grand Final day again. Yes, we still meet. Yes, plenty of people come. Yes, you can bring your radio/tv/phone/other gadget for following the footy.