Saturday, June 26, 2010

June Meeting - squeezing into the cozy room

Goodbye Margaret! One of our long time members said farewell today - she's leaving to take up residence in sunny Queensland. We celebrated with hugs, cards, and cupcakes! Banana cakes, too - I thought it was appropriate.

We had a huge turnout - well of course we did, this was the one day of the year we have to yield the Big Room to the patchworkers who have their annual shindig. So it was crowded but we all managed to fit in.

It's school holidays now, and that leads to a bit more kid presence - we had grown-up Christie with Ingrid, polite James with Lizzie, and effervescent Siobhan with Gail. A DS and an iPad kept the younger two pretty amused.

I happily demonstrated how FAAABulous an iPad is for storing photos of artwork you've nabbed from web sites and enjoy referring to. Gail showed off a very portable photo printer - that's neat!

Here's Cathy with ... ummm ... something she made.

And Siobhan took a pretty, girly, stamp set, and made it evil...