Thursday, December 11, 2014

It's nearly Christmas Party time again!

Plans are underway for the 2014 SERS Christmas party! It's on 13 December, 1pm, at Cathy's place. Ask if you need to know where that is.

Bring a plate of something to share, and bring an ornament for a swap. Bring a project in case we actually do some (lots of lovely table space at Cathy's). And if any of that fails, just bring yourself.

This fun bit of papercraft came about at the November SERS. I was stamping on some paper I'd printed with a Gelli Plate and stencils, and she was making flowers with a punch.  Pretty, hey?

 November SERS was so nice - guess why? Nan came back! After an operation she's tossed aside the walker (well, she's graduating to the stick) and she joined us for coffee and chatting. We took the time to set up her phone and make sure she knew how to send texts. See, you get a lot out of a stamp club meeting!