Monday, September 3, 2012

The Great Southern Stamp Sale

Well, I've been hinting about a great event coming up, and here's the details! SERS has been approached by no lesser stamper than Ellen Eadie, to help her sell much of her magnificent stamp collection. As you may know, she has an extensive collection of PSX stamps. I mean extensive!

I'm so excited, I've set up a special blog just for the sale, so we can share this event with lots of stampers.

The link to go to is :

So be a love and pass that on to stampers you know, and any other clubs or groups that would love to be involved.

The picture here shows something I coloured in with one of my own PSX stamps. I'm going to add photos of the sale stamps shortly.

So, our September 29 meeting will be extra exciting! Yes, there will still be snacks.