Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What is South Eastern Rubber Stampers?

South Eastern Rubber Stampers, or SERS, are a rubber stamping group, and we meet once a month. We are located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Here's our usual meeting details:

Time : 1pm to 5pm, LAST Saturday of the month
Place : Mount Street Neighbourhood House, 6 Mount St, Glen Waverley
Cost : $5 a meeting, (sometimes waived if we have no bills to pay)
Bring : Your stamping stuff, things you have made or received recently, new papercraft goodies you want to try, things you aren't sure how to use, and most importantly, a project to work on.

Contact : If you think you'd like to know more, contact Pauline by email (go to my profile page for that!)

Interesting note - this photo is YEARS old. That tells you two things:

1: SERS has been going for years (since about 1998, I think)
2: I don't take a lot of photos at SERS!

So if you live in the area, get in touch and come along!


  1. Good grief ... how old is that photo? It has to be at least 3-4 years since we were in that location (and seen some of those people!)

  2. It's from 2003!!! Six full years ago. I have some other old phots - I might post them for nostalgia's sake!

  3. Pauline.... am I the longest attendee ???
    I first attended SERS in 1998 ? BTW I still love it and thank you for kepping it all together over all these years. You are a star !

  4. PS...excuse the spelling....'kepping' really means keeping! LOL !( It is a matter of accents I suppose....hmmm ?)

  5. I think Chris is the official longest attendee - she was at the inaugural meeting at somebody's house (before my time)!

  6. Was that at Sharon's house ?

    :-( OK, so I am not the longest attendee...

  7. The first meeting was held in early 1998 - probably March or April - at Sharon B's place ... there was Sharon, myself, Sharon G, Beverly B and Helen Y.

    Wow, it was a long time ago ...

  8. What a star you are to put this together Pauline, many thanks for the memories. Can't remember when I first started going to SERS but it was a long time ago. Must dig out my old photos!

  9. LOL... (ahhhh) The last time I saw Sharon was on TV (one of those 6.30pm shows) and she had been flooded out in Queensland....Sharon, where are you ?