Thursday, October 18, 2012

September Meeting - Oh My!

Our last meeting was a most unusual one! We had some selling going on - not the usual one or two boxes, but four TABLES laden with top quality stamps. You can learn more about THAT project on the dedicated blog

I bought heaps of stamps. That should keep me busy for, oh, weeks.

Joan came along, cos SHE'S needing more stamps. She invested in the big alphabet.

Jenny's having a good browse here...

And I brought carrot cake!

Ellen brought some of her gorgeous samples - I bought up this stamp!

One of Ellen's amazing construction cards, using the well-known Iris stamp.

Another fab Ellen sample ... I do believe I bought that stamp too...
And then we settled in for a pretty normal meeting.

Did you see I was collecting money for Hanover (who provide services to homeless people) through selling some markers and magazines? See the results here . We ended up with $110 in the box, and I donated it all. And the gold coins I badgered you for at the door - they went to paying the rent as usual.