Sunday, January 31, 2010

First 2010 meeting - what fun!

We're stampers. What do we do? We make stuff. What do we make? Mostly this stuff.

The first meeting of SERS for 2010 was just yesterday (I wasn't allowed to update the blog yesterday because SOMEONE at my place had used up most of our internet for the month).

A few of the usual suspects missing, but we had a blast anyway!

Michelle made it to SERS (young kids, busy life, you know the stuff, so it was excellent to see her out) and was working on an art journal. She had talked to a vendor at the Camberwell Market about a very old and tattered (and mildewed) pilot's manual, which surely could only be of interest to a collage artist with an aviation background. (Side note : Michelle used to build planes for a living). But he wouldn't budge from his high price, so he still owns that bit of interesting aviation ephemera. SHE has a freebie magazine from Chadstone, so there's a source of fashion photos to alter!

Jenny and Helen had just come from Little Bits, where Lesley runs a free make'n'take on SERS days. Well, it happens that it's on SERS days. So they do both, and craft out like mad on the last Saturday of the month.

Cathy brought news (I think from Suze Weinberg - hilarious blog apparently) that Zentangles are big in the US. Zentangles are, of course, doodles, but with just enough "structure" to the activity that it might just encourage the non-drawing types to pick up a reasonable quality pen and go for it. It's a commercial enterprise, so I'm just pointing you there. There was an article about it in Cloth Paper Scissors Nov-Dec 2009 issue. Which I had in my bag!

And I went nuts with cutting and pasting, using some people photocopied from an oldish German pattern magazine, together with a 1965 reprint of a 1924 French phrase book, an old dictionary, watercolour crayons, and stamps. Awesome combo! More of these on my blog. Just realised the one in the photo is unfinished!

Today's cookies were Raisin and Walnut. Here's the cookbook I used (Michelle would like it, so this link's for her).

Margaret heard from Nan during the meeting that Nan had been in hospital, and was at home, feeling poorly and bored. Here's hoping we see her next time!