Saturday, May 29, 2010

May 2010 Meeting - almost an empty house!

Well, after last month's full house, I was expecting a bouncing turnout - but with this and that, the turnout was a record low! I think we dipped to six once before, but today it was five (then two more dropped it, so briefly it was seven).

And did that bother us? Not really! I had a bucket full (literally) of swaps from a recent convention I'd been to, and did a full show and tell. And we had time to admire them properly!

And I had made some buttermilk scones, with cranberries and walnuts - yummo...

Then Nan and I amused ourselves making flowers - we'd both seen a demonstration a few weeks ago, and were dying to make more. Here's mine (and of course, I forgot the camera, so all photos were taken at home). Here's the secret to our success - punch eight scallop circles out of vellum (the lighter weight works best), brad them together, and crumple from the top layer down, then spread out.

Next month is Margaret's last time with us - they are off to their retirement destination, for fun in the sun, and just a little more craft than perhaps her husband anticipates. Yes, she has craft shop addresses. So we'd better give her a nice send off, eh?

The drop-ins were Lizzie and Maria, who'd been at the Dandenong Ranges Open Studios - a special event where lots of artists studios all have an open day at once. They were buzzed and exhausted - but Maria showed me that baby book she'd been altering - a gift for a new twin mum - and it was AWESOME!

Oh, and if I'd had more time, this is what I would have been tinkering with - a very old (1997) stamp set from Stampin' Up, which has just entered my stamping museum. Umm, I mean, collection. I stamped it up a bit between stamp club and dinner.

Maria, Nan, Ingrid and Margaret, it was lovely to have you at my table today!