Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Merry Christmas from SERS!

We just had the SERS Christmas party for 2011 - at Cathy's place, as is traditional.

Cathy has this FABulous canvas at her place - she made it, of course. A fun afternoon with a packet of crayons, some glue, and a hair dryer!
Louise, Cathy and Nan shared a chat - Nan had a terrific anecdote about when she almost met Rudolf Nureyev!

 Michelle and Chris did Christmassy projects and had some laughs...

Thanks Cathy for hosting us!

Anne made us all pretty gift boxes with treats inside!

We did our mostly annual Ornament Swap - Nan took home a beaded ornament by Louise.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas party coming up!

As we have for the last few years, we have a Christmas party coming up. It's on 10 December at 1pm, at Cathy's place, same as last year. Ask if you need the address!

We've decided to have an ornament swap. It's something we did in past years, and it was fun!

So make an ornament (yes, MAKE) using whatever method you like. No, we're not going to fuss about it needing stamping in it - if you're in a beading mood, go for it! And seriously, if life is too stressful right now, don't let lack of an ornament stop you coming.

No idea yet what I will make, but there's days yet!

The other special thing to bring is a plate of something to share.

We like our party to be an arty party, and Cathy's house is at least half art studio (at least it is when we all arrive), so bring a project to do - I'm finishing my Christmas cards there.

And if you read this, be a love and pass the info on to any other local stampers who look like they'd enjoy an afternoon of gossip and giggles!

Oh, and that photo is my cute kids (back when they were cute).

November meeting!

November meeting, and Anne gets into the Christmas mood by creating some elegant Christmas cards...

Gail came along with Siobhan for a little mother-daughter time...

and my snacky treat was orange and almond cupcakes. Yummo!

Big news too ... the Christmas party is on! We've set the date at 10 December, at Cathy's place. Details in the next post!