Thursday, January 29, 2015

Celebrate 2015, arty style!

I do hope you spent New Year enjoying yourself and sipping your choice of beverage. I think for me, it was mostly water. It was hot! Oh, and I may have managed the occasional sparkling wine, like the lady in the picture.

It's time to come back to stamp club, for another year of fun and inspiration.

The January meeting is on 31 January, place and time as usual. We hope to see Michelle with her goodies from CHA. Just the catalogues alone are worth the visit!

We have plenty of crafty events coming up this year, including Picture to Page (now run by our own Michelle), Paperific (as always run by the lovely Naomi), Paper Arts Tarts (that's from Paperific as well, but a very different type of event), and I'm sure there are others coming up - I'll do my best to mention them when I can.