Saturday, April 25, 2015

Just loving the gelli plates!

It was nice to have time to play with my gelli plates today. Here's some of my goodies.
Liz was decorating slide mailers, Iona was colouring with gorgeous pencils, Chris was making swaps for a convention, Cathy was doing calligraphy, and Michelle was adding to her personal journal. Awesome!

That is a fine pen!

Cathy and Michelle make the most of stamp club time.

We had lots of freebies today, most people went home with something new. I got ponies, Cathy got paint, Liz and Iona got mediums and canvasses, and Liz got a die cutting machine! Don't forget, Liz, you owe me a coffee!

Can anyone find my stencil?

It was right here... I was using it with blue and green paint. This was the scene at the end of stamp club today. We hate to leave anything behind.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Stamp Club for April

Hey gang! I've decided all my artwork from now on should be GREY!

Ha ha, only kidding.

This colourful mess might make a nice background for something.

Anyway, this is my way of reminding you that South Eastern Rubber Stampers is on this weekend (25 April). Yes, it's ANZAC Day, but we don't meet until 1pm, so you'll have plenty of time for the Dawn Service.

Details on this blog, and we also have a Facebook page you will have no trouble finding.