Monday, April 9, 2012

March Meeting - on a Paperific day!

Stamp Club fell on the same weekend as Paperific this month. Well, Paperific and I go way back, so I had to go and enjoy the day.

Here's how my day went - I left home nice and early. I stopped at the local scout hall, where there was a big Trash and Treasure sale (also a good thing to do). Then I scooted all the way to the Showgrounds to enjoy Paperific (arrived just before going in time too). And then, I scooped up all my new goodies, and crossed town again to get to SERS. A tad late, but nobody minded, I hope.

As a result, I had the fun of playing with all my new goodies at stamp club! This unmounted stamp from Hampton Art is one of my newies. It's a variation of an older stamp I've owned for years - the older one is called "Bunky the Art Sparrow", and he often serves as my mascot.

Cathy was rusting some pretty things - wire lizards, faces and such. This metal coating is one part of the process.

Remember I'd said I started the day at a Trash and Treasure sale? Here's something I bought - a bag of mixed toys, including MERMAID PONIES! One thing lead to another ...

... and before long we were rusting a pony! This plastic may not have been primed so well - there is a special primer for plastic - so next time we will do an even better job.

Then Cathy got a bit giddy with the metal coating - here she is trying to rust a banana!

Oh, wait, that may have just been an accident.

Anne had brought along some prepared stamped and punched shapes, and was assembling with them. She'd packed them in a pretty tin, and the whole thing was so lovely I had to have a closer look!

Maria was constructing these cards with just punched circles - pretty!

And here's what I made with my new stamps. Yay, Bunky!

So it ended up being a small group, but as merry as ever. See ya next month!