Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cold Wet May meeting

It was chilly outside, but sunny inside at SERS on this wintery May day.

Ingrid combined markers and watercolouring to get some very pretty results...

Like this, see?

Nan cut out some new stamps - I lent her my special scissors for a try.

Cathy has updated her art doll templates - now there's a boy one and a girl one (handy for primary school art activities!).

I brought some stamp that I had bought on my holiday in France - some of these are made in Belgium!

The snack of the day was Paris style macarons, which I am just learning to make. For looks, I give these about four out of ten, but for taste ... well, there were no complaints, and no leftovers either.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April Stamping Hit

A beautiful autumn day in Melbourne, a Royalwedding the night before to discuss, and a room full of interesting ladies. Now that's a recipe for a nice day.

Cathy worked on a rusted Barbie doll for a swap - she's hoping the recipient appreciates its grungy character (we're sure she will). She had cut up an old skirt of hers to make doll clothing, and was stamping it with her own texture stamps - awesome! I borrowed a stamp for my own texture.

Jenny brought the results of an inchies swap, with a colour theme of black, cream and gold. Fab colour combo - let's never forget how good the neutrals can look.

More of the inchies - now this is just showing off!

What I made ... a sort of vintage nature shadow box look. And here's where I, umm, borrowed the idea from. There's that dictionary page again. Still working on the same book. If you want to use vintage pages, you sure don't have to despoil a lot of books.

Summary of Royal Wedding discussion : seriously, what was up with Princess Beatrice's hat?

Summary of other funny things: ladylike Margaret unintentionally said a super-rude word. She was explaining what happens when her electric kettle goes "Phutt". Ya had to be there!

Back again on 28 May for some end of Autumn stamping. See you there!