Saturday, March 3, 2012

February meeting - the hot, hot day!

The February SERS meeting took place on a super hot day - 37 degrees! People asked if we would go ahead in the heat, but I said yes.

Turned out, the meeting room at Mount St is lovely and cool on a hot day (the hallway was quite hot, but the room itself was fine). We turned on all the fans, and it was great. So, let's remember, SERS can cope with heat any time!

I knew nobody would want heavy snacks, though, so I packed delicious fruit and chilled drinks, along with the usual tea and coffee. Here's the three bottles with stamped tags - water, iced tea, and lemon lime and bitters. Yumm!

Ingrid was doing beautiful work with a small watercolour painting she had done - a bunch of kumquats. Dare I say it, better than any stamp!

Liz Z came along - hadn't seen her in yonks! She's on the left, next to Cathy. Liz was working on a drawing, and Cathy was refurbishing an older African doll, and using it as inspiration for a new one.

Louise and Maria making things - Maria and I agreed that if you can only have one punch, you should have a couple of square ones.
And here's a distinguished visitor, Miriam Makeba, appearing in doll form. She's Cathy's entry in a doll swap, about to be sent away to a new owner.