Wednesday, August 23, 2017

So many years, we are still stamping...

... yes, it's turned out that updating the blog is a bit harder now than it used to be, so I've let it slip a bit.

But has SERS slipped? No! We keep meeting on the LAST Saturday of every month (except December, we do something fun then).

Do join us, at the address you'll find on this blog.

 My bird journal is finally full!

Here's some of the group from July 2017 ... Nan made it, Anne brought her!

Maria is working on a construction

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Breaking news - glitter is pretty!

A lovely July meeting today. I was annoyed and bothered by a sore foot (and even more annoyed by the long, long wait for the doctor on a Saturday), so it was very nice indeed to see some smiling faces.

Jenny was showing off some partly made cards, using Lesley's (from Little Bits) classic glitter technique. So pretty, even unfinished as they were.

Cathy brought some a bits and pieces to share out. Clean ups are good for your studio.

And I started making this out of today's scraps...

And I caught Nan reading a trashy romance! Well, actually, it's the book I use for collage, and I believe she's a more discerning reader...

Sunday, June 26, 2016

June SERS, roses and ink

A lovely SERS day yesterday. I expected dismal rainy weather, but we got winter sun and cool, crisp air. In the Mount Street room with windows all around, and the heater on, it was quite jolly.

We had Renee come for just the second time. And Marilyn for the first time in ages.

Marilyn's personal challenge was to ink only the raised parts of card that she'd run through a pretty embossing folder. Inking the debossed parts is easy, but her idea required finesse. Here's a picture of the opposite of what she wanted, but still very pretty:

I used that three part rose stamp. Funny, it came out a bit grungy when I did it. The hot tip is, stamp the middle image first .

Cathy brought a very old French magazine shed kept for years. And here's a super inspiring image - I'm just going to leave this here.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Come for a winter stamp!

Here's a sight that will make some stampers go SQUEE, and others go HUH? It's a page from a Zettiology catalogue by Teesha and Tracey Moore. It might be on show at the next stamp club. Actually, I have a collection of old stamp catalogues. I find them super interesting. And we have to remember, stamping has moved on so much, we shouldn't forget the mad old days.
And here's another sight that will make some stampers go "Totes amazeballs!", and others go "meh". 
It's a freebie that came on a magazine I bought in Scotland. You probably got the same one here. But what a good freebie - a three part rose stamp, and matching die. I'll bring that along too.

This Saturday is Stamp Club day, and it promises to be cold, bleak, gloomy, cold and bleak. So be with us! Nothing like a giggle to get through the day.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter stamp club - buns and gelato!

Stamp club fell on Easter Saturday this year. But I was home, and so were others, so... we had a delightful gathering.

Michelle brought the box of Art Foamies and Gelatoes we had been demonstrating at Picture to Page. I did the full demo for the ladies, and really liked my results.
Anne found some petty Gingko leaves in the garden, and we played with them too. 
Turns out, they can made a very nice print with Gelatoes and water. I smoothed just a little gelato colour onto the leaf, and pressed it onto very slightly damp paper. This was a watercolour paper.
And here's what a gingko tree looks like:

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Get dotty at stamp club!

It's stamp club time again, this Saturday, usual time and place.

And here's the latest creative news - we've gone dotty! After seeing a cute project by Jane Clark in Cardmaking, Stamping and Papercraft, I did this dotty stamping piece. But this wasn't as good as the one Chris made... which I'll try to get you a look at.

So join us for more dotty times!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

This is what awesome looks like

Lovely stamp club meeting in November - we got to chat, and make things ... oh well, you know, the usual things.

In conversation, Nan told me she makes thank you cards for a hospital.

That's pretty cool.

Then she added that that is ALL she does for charity these days. Because she's raised millions of dollars for hospitals in the past.

I had to pick her up on that. "Millions", really?

So she did a little mental arithmetic. Yes, her group successfully raised around $60,000 a year, and they did it for 30 years. It checks out.

I asked what the money went to. She started on a list of the things she could remember. There was an incubator for a maternity unit, there was a comfortable waiting room for families with kids having surgery, computers and TVs for people to use in hospital, there was an upgraded nurses' station ... there was a lot of stuff.

So, if you are wondering who my heroes are, Nan is one of them!

Also, our Christmas party is on 12 December, at Cathy's place (ask if you don't know where that is). You might be lucky, and get to shake Nan's hand!