Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Merry Christmas from SERS!

Cathy (on right, with Anne) invited us into her home again for the SERS Christmas party for 2012.

Cathy's home is her work space and art studio too, so it's always a pleasure to be amongst the beautiful things.

We exchanged ornaments, an almost-every-year tradition since we first did it.

That little angel was made by Michelle. Her pretty translucent wings are made from the bag inside the cereal box. We love this!

This is what Michelle took home - awwww! Made by Louise (I think).

This is what I took home - thanks Cathy, it's on my tree! Look, a picture of ME on the SERS blog, that's rare.
And here's a look at the tiniest tree - a little flower pot I was decorating with flowers - with my cool ornament hanging on it.

We had yummy food too - Cathy's Melktart (South African style Milk Tart) was a highlight. Here's a recipe. I went back for more of Anne's Swedish cookies too.

Have a terrific holiday season, everyone, and see you all back at SERS on 26 January (yes, that's Australia Day).