Wednesday, December 2, 2015

This is what awesome looks like

Lovely stamp club meeting in November - we got to chat, and make things ... oh well, you know, the usual things.

In conversation, Nan told me she makes thank you cards for a hospital.

That's pretty cool.

Then she added that that is ALL she does for charity these days. Because she's raised millions of dollars for hospitals in the past.

I had to pick her up on that. "Millions", really?

So she did a little mental arithmetic. Yes, her group successfully raised around $60,000 a year, and they did it for 30 years. It checks out.

I asked what the money went to. She started on a list of the things she could remember. There was an incubator for a maternity unit, there was a comfortable waiting room for families with kids having surgery, computers and TVs for people to use in hospital, there was an upgraded nurses' station ... there was a lot of stuff.

So, if you are wondering who my heroes are, Nan is one of them!

Also, our Christmas party is on 12 December, at Cathy's place (ask if you don't know where that is). You might be lucky, and get to shake Nan's hand!