Tuesday, July 19, 2011

June Meeting - dolls and creatures!

Just remembered it would be a nice idea to report on the June meeting! We had funas usual (but you knew that).
Here's a gorgeous doll that Cathy received in a swap. Go here to see what she sent to HER recipient. What fun! These people are organising another swap straight away, and I've signed up (no, I don't normally make dolls - I'll panic later).

I actually finished a project! The old diary I started making collages from has turned into a finished "art book", and the final binding happened at stamp club. Yay!

The snack of the day was orange macarons - flavoured with real orange juice and zest. Gluten free too (but hardly a healthy snack!).

We think Nan is contemplating making a fluffy scarf. Beverley (a founder SERS member) came along to destash a little too.