Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February meeting - we welcome another author

February meeting, and Michelle, our engineer/artist friend, who runs the mixed media art  web site, has dabbled into self publishing. Here she is with the actual printed proof of HER BOOK!

Amazon Createspace run the whole show for you, turning your document into a really truly book, and offering it for sale to your happy readers. Might be a way to get rich (probably not), definitely a way to have some real fun!

It looked so fabulous, and really doesn't cost a lot to get started. So, what will OUR books be about?

Of course, Cathy is our club's other published author - her stamping tips book is available on her web site, My Stamps. Ooh, and Cathy's in Bendigo on 16 and 17 March with the Picture to Page Show. Bendigo folk, go and buy stuff, you'll enjoy it!

Lynda was making some beautiful cards for friends, but what I admired was her scrap paper! How cool is this?

Anne made a cool folded card, and Cathy was making goodies in silicone moulds. All I did was make the baby doll walk into the card house!

And I started on an ambitious eraser carving project - ambitious because I don't really have any talent in this area. What the hey!

And here's our happy group. There were raspberry and coconut muffins this time. Chris looks like she swallowed a lemon, but I think that's just the photographer's fault.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Australia Day at stamp club!

On Australia Day, we celebrated by having our first meeting of SERS for the year.

Smallish group (well, it was a long weekend) but we didn't mind. Louise brought some text books for my kids to use this year. we discussed driving lessons and Nerf guns.

Maria told us about her latest travels in Poland. Apparently, she was caught acting like the paparazzi - little did they know, she really WAS just photographing the building. How was she to know there was a film festival going on?

I made Aussie gingerbread ladies. And coloured in an Aussie stamp, from Kaisercraft. They have a new 'concept' shop at Chadstone - it's pretty, you should go and see it.

Next meeting is 23 February. That day, there will also be a big sale at Pedigree Paper. They are not normally open on Saturdays, but this time they are. Pedigree always have terrific stuff.