Monday, January 27, 2014

A new year for SERS

Oh boy, 2014 already! And we've had the first meeting of the year already too! Just a small group, but it was so nice to escape the family heat and have some grown up time.

Here's some photos from our Christmas party!

We did our mostly annual ornament swap. Here's how you do one of those quickly:
  • get everyone to bring one ornament
  • line them up on the table
  • number them off
  • write a slip of paper with each number and put them in a bowl
  • everyone draws a number
  • be ready for redraws if someone gets their own!

Chris and Michelle both made folder paper ornaments - they traded ideas later too.

Chris ended up with my dinosaur in a snowglobe. See here for partial instructions on how to make one (well, it's actually only instructions for making a tiny hat). The snow in the snow globe is just salt!

And this is Cathy's pretty angel! What a Christmas treasure!

So, next meeting is February 22, at Mount Street. See ya there!