Thursday, June 23, 2016

Come for a winter stamp!

Here's a sight that will make some stampers go SQUEE, and others go HUH? It's a page from a Zettiology catalogue by Teesha and Tracey Moore. It might be on show at the next stamp club. Actually, I have a collection of old stamp catalogues. I find them super interesting. And we have to remember, stamping has moved on so much, we shouldn't forget the mad old days.
And here's another sight that will make some stampers go "Totes amazeballs!", and others go "meh". 
It's a freebie that came on a magazine I bought in Scotland. You probably got the same one here. But what a good freebie - a three part rose stamp, and matching die. I'll bring that along too.

This Saturday is Stamp Club day, and it promises to be cold, bleak, gloomy, cold and bleak. So be with us! Nothing like a giggle to get through the day.

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