Saturday, June 27, 2009

June meeting - the one with Sesame Cookies

Another lovely SERS meeting this month. Much glitter on the floor, and Louise suggested that attendees who make no attempt to stamp should be punished. Her suggestion is not taken up. We'd all be guilty some time.

First things first - here's the recipe for Sesame Cookies, aka Benne Wafers. This was the home made snack I brought this month, and they are very nice to munch on with a cuppa while doing craft.

Now, on to business : Sharon shows us a well set up table for colour-coordinated card making....

Chris (right) came and joined us for the first time. She's formerly of NSW, but now of just-down-the-road. Lizzie next to her is making Christmas cards!! That's Sharon standing up - tee hee, I got a photo of her after all!

Overheard : "Now Nan, you must join Facebook". Cathy is a big fan.

Jenny is making little glittery handbags. She'd spent the morning making things at Little Bits, and then came to us.

Chris injured herself pulling a carrot out of the garden (yes, really) and got a "Carrot Injury Commiseration Card" to cheer her up. There wasn't a stamp for that. I checked.

Cathy saw my dinosaur edge punch and suggested one of the dinosaurs could become a tortoise - she was right!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June meeting is this weekend

So you'd better come along, eh?

We're having Sesame cookies (also known as Benne Wafers) to snack on, and probably something else too.

I thought we ought to have a Buy and Sell day, so bring any pre-loved papercrafts goodies you wish to part with. Label them with your name and a price, and negotiate direct with your buyers.

And let's pencil in Buy and Sell for July too - it's a nice thing to do in winter.

This month I'm playing with new punches I got from Paperific!

And our illustration today is from MPA 2002 - this is the Stamp Francisco stall, visiting from the US, with our own Coralee womanning the till.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

2001 Nostalgia - Melbourne Paper Arts

Here's a bunch of photos from my archives, from Melbourne Paper Arts in 2001. In honour of the fact that Paperific is on this weekend!

Gina was there with newborn Blair - that takes some effort!

Here's Julie van Oosten with Sam, sales lady extraordinaire.

The Calligraphy Society liked to wow us with beautiful handwriting ... it's not as easy as stamping!

Here's Niamh showing off Opals...

Here's Cathy of My Stamps - ooh, I think she's eating a biscuit I made. And laughing about how dodgy it looked. But she came back for more... nobody can resist home baked goodies...

That's enough for this entry, but I have more Paperific nostalgia to post!

Melbourne Paper Arts from 2001

Paperific is coming up this Friday to Sunday.

Now, Paperific used to be called Melbourne Papercraft Exhibition, and before that it was Melbourne Paper Arts, and before that Melbourne Paper Crafts. I think I have that lineage right.

Anyway, at Melbourne Paper Arts in 2001, at St Kilda Town Hall, SERS had a stall!

We'd never done anything like that before (and I confess we never have since) but it was fun!

We had some members staffing the stall for a little while each, letting passers by sit down, chat, look at goodies we'd made, and do some stamping. We ended up with a lot of kids playing for a bit while Mum shopped. Since we weren't trying to do business, that was fine.

Here's Carolyn and Margaret on the stall, next to the Calligraphers and the Origami guys.