Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Zoo Biscuits spotted at SERS

SERS met last weekend, and Cathy brought along some Zoo biscuits - they are a treat from South Africa, and a childhood memory. With this much icing, no wonder the South African kids go nuts over them! Mine was a cute tortoise. One was enough.

And isn't this just symbolic of what stamp club is all about? An unexpected new experience; to one person, very familiar, but to others, new and interesting.

When you bring your crafty goodies and ideas to stamp club, that's what happens! You might think "Oh, I'm just doodling", but your idea might set somebody else off on a new creative direction.

The latest thing, by the way, is Letter Journals. Get a group together, and each person makes a book that fits into a DL sized envelope. Send it around, round-robin style, and each person does whatever decoration they want in the book. When it gets back to you, you own it. Cool, huh?

This is the one I'm sending off.

And Picture to Page is coming up soon (October 17 and 18), a mixed media craft show where you can see, touch, and buy crafty goodies, and get inspiration in how to use them! I'll be there, so say Hello. The venue is Sandown Racecourse. Racecourses are amazingly good venues for this sort of thing - they have lovely meeting rooms, catering, heaps of parking, and if you need fresh air, there's - a racecourse.

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