Saturday, May 30, 2009

May 2009 meeting - with cookies

I baked delicious choc chip cookies this morning, specially to take to stamp club. They went down well. Tee hee, folks, they were a healthy recipe, full of oat bran!

Cathy was doing calligraphy, and Louise was using reinkers to make pretty backgrounds.

Pat came for the first time, and showed Nan how to make quilled flowers.

She had made a box full of flowers!

Averil brought a box full of perfectly nice stamps that were surplus to her needs, and GAVE THEM AWAY! Woo hoo! We like to make sure someone gets something for nothing most months. I nabbed this pretty stamp, which was one of Cathy's designs from ages ago. Beautifully made, too! I watercoloured it with Inktense pencils. It would probably suit less zingy colours, but with Inktense are sunglasses-bright. So there's the next project.

Margaret is colouring a stamp she had made herself - one of many! Now that's one way to get the exact image you want...

Next month's meeting is on 27 June. That'll be a week after Paperific, which I'll certainly be at, so there will be stories to share about that! That meeting will probably be in the OTHER room (the carpeted one). Nan says she prefers that one (it's warmer), so if we all agree, I'll ask if we can take up residence there in the cold months.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Bridget at Stamp Club!

Here's the very dignified Bridget, now of the ACT, at a Christmas SERS meeting in 2004. Bridget stepped in to run things when I was sick (and a bit jaded too). She stayed on for a whole year, then had to give it away because of work committments. I was able to take it back, and we've been going ever since.

It was Bridget that found our new home at Mount Street. Our old venue was getting too pricey, and we might have even had to (gasp) put the prices up! So the move was good news all round. Also the light is rather nice at Mount St.

A little more nostalgia

This is a photo from SERS in 2001 - when we used to meet in Rowville. From left to right, there's Coralee (cutting up some fresh rubber, it looks like); then there's Marg; next to her is Michelle; and then there's Monica (now of Beachhouse Boulevard). See, all with a cuppa: it's nice.

We're still meeting, eight years later! Check our meeting details.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Barb's 2002 photos

Well, we're all getting in on the act now - Barb has posted some photos from another meeting, where I lugged my computer in for some terribly good reason (no laptops in this family). I think I was doing a slide show after returning from a particularly wonderful holiday. Go check 'em out!

Then there's these from 2003...

And these ones from a Christmas dinner in 1999 (I had only just started going to SERS).

SERS June 2004 - Bring a Parrot

We have the occasional theme day at SERS. I think the most surprisingly unsuccessful was "Bring a Parrot" day. Shanna was the ONLY one who brought a parrot.

It was a very nice Eclectus Parrot though.

We had "bring a small dog" day once too. At least, we ended up with two small dogs, and it looked like a theme to me. That was when we met at the church hall, which had a nice enclosed garden adjacent to it.

SERS Bus Trip 2002 - more nostalgia

We must have been mad - someone came up with the idea of a bus trip, visiting stamping shops, and I agreed. Monika (who now runs Beachhouse Boulevard, a cool stamping shop in the western suburbs) was organising it, but had to pull out at the last minute. I think she was setting up her new shop! So I was in charge on the day. In as much as I knew what was going on.

That's Barb in the photo!

We cruised all the way to Mornington to see Stampalot (which in now Paper Squared). The drive didn't seem so long with us giggling all the way.

Where else did we go? I forget. I think Papermarc , and Papercache, were in there. Oh, I remember Dragon Papers (they are moving soon). We had spare time at a second hand bookshop, where I got a fabulous compilation of old newspaper ads. We ended up at Cathy's place (My Stamps) where she had the kettle on, and all sorts of goodies to buy.

We had a ball, it was a great way to brighten up a winter day.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Stamp Club Nostalgia - 2001

Here's a photo from 2001. Ros is demonstrating paper marbling. We still have demonstrations from time to time at SERS. You never know what you will see. But the best demonstrations are the impromptu ones!

Who can we see here? Let's start from the left. The lady with glasses is barely in the photo, but I think that's Caroline. The glamourous redhead is Laurie. Then in the red cardigan we have Nan, who still comes to SERS! Behind her in the blue jumper is Jan, a founder of SERS, and one time keen retailer of stamp stuff. The lady with the Scottish accent (and the black and white jumper) is Margaret, who still comes. She sometimes designs her own stamps and has them made! Standing in the red jumper is Stacey, the organiser of Paperific (awesomest paper craft show ever to be staged in Melbourne, and the next one's coming) and was the owner of Studio Astarte, an innovative stamp business (now closed, but you'll see her stamps turn up from time to time - we all bought them!). Seated (and a bit obscured) is Cathy, who continues to run My Stamps, a fabulous stamp business. Check out her word stamps - she calligraphs them all herself. Is that a word? Then standing is Ros, who I believe is a Stampin' Up person now.

That was fun! I have more photos, so I'll do more later.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What is South Eastern Rubber Stampers?

South Eastern Rubber Stampers, or SERS, are a rubber stamping group, and we meet once a month. We are located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Here's our usual meeting details:

Time : 1pm to 5pm, LAST Saturday of the month
Place : Mount Street Neighbourhood House, 6 Mount St, Glen Waverley
Cost : $5 a meeting, (sometimes waived if we have no bills to pay)
Bring : Your stamping stuff, things you have made or received recently, new papercraft goodies you want to try, things you aren't sure how to use, and most importantly, a project to work on.

Contact : If you think you'd like to know more, contact Pauline by email (go to my profile page for that!)

Interesting note - this photo is YEARS old. That tells you two things:

1: SERS has been going for years (since about 1998, I think)
2: I don't take a lot of photos at SERS!

So if you live in the area, get in touch and come along!